Intake forms for new clients

Every new client needs to fill out an intake form.

You can download and print the form from this page or fill it out at ToThePoint Massage. If you book your first appointment online we will send you a link for an online form.
These forms give us valuable information about your current health status and the problem you would like to have solved.

Please be especially thorough with filling out the pain chart. Mark also any areas of smaller aches and stiffness.

It would be helpful if you could bring x-rays, MRIs, reports, etc. with you that are related to your complaint.

Click here to download the intake form for remedial massage

Please fill out a different form if you are a cancer patient:

Intake form for cancer patients / oncology massage

Infrared Sauna Waiver

Download our Infrared Sauna Use Waiver and Release of Liability here.