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Helpful Hints

How to get the maximum benefit from your massage session

Helpful hints for your remedial massage session

The most important thing is that clients get what they expect. With this in mind, here are some helpful hints on how you can help:

  • Book a long enough session. You may think, for example, that only your neck has a problem because it hurts. But the problem could actually have started with your stiff lower back which you have had for a long time and are already used to.

    Another thing that you probably don't know is that muscle pain is often referred pain. This means that you do not feel the pain not where it originates and our massage therapist Barbara has to massage more areas than you expected.

  • In the beginning, all new clients need to fill out an intake form which you can also download here and fill out at home to save time. This form gives us valuable information about your current health status and the problem you would like to have solved.

    Please be especially thorough with filling out the pain chart. Mark also any areas of smaller aches and stiffness.

  • Barbara will likely have more questions after she has looked at your intake form. Don’t be concerned. The more information Barbara has, the better she can help you.

  • If possible, do not have a large meal just before your massage. You’ll enjoy a massage to the abdomen more on an empty stomach. Also, it’s difficult to lie on a full stomach.

  • When possible, take a warm shower or bath before your visit to loosen the muscles.

  • Please tell Barbara before and during the treatment whether you feel too cold or warm. It is impossible to relax fully when you feel cold.

  • You only have to take off those garments you feel comfortable without. Where necessary, Barbara will work around your clothing as best as possible.

  • If you have any disability or impairment which could impact on the massage, please tell us. This is usually no barrier to a successful outcome.

  • One of the most important aspects of massage is the pressure. It also determines how you will feel afterwards.
    As everybody feels different and has different needs and expectations, it is crucial that you give Barbara feedback on the amount of pressure used.

    Some of your muscles harbour more tension than others and are therefore more sensitive to pressure. Some people think the more pressure the better the outcome, but this may result in unnecessary soreness afterwards.

  • It is not unusual to feel sore after a treatment. This should clear up after one or two days.

  • Get up slowly from the massage table as you might be dizzy after lying for a while.

  • Don’t expect too much if you haven’t had massage for a long time, or have never had one before and see us because of long standing chronic pain.

Massage can rarely resolve every issue that has been bothering you for a prolonged period in one session!