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Sports Injury Massage | ToThePoint Massage

Professional treatment for sports injuries and all kinds of muscular injuries. Speed up your recovery and prevent re-injury with targeted sports massage.

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About our professional remedial massage therapist

Our experienced remedial massage therapist offers different techniques to help you feel better as soon as possible. She has experience with clients from all walks of life who enjoy her targeted therapeutic treatments.

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TMJ Symptoms – Ear and jaw pain | ToThePoint Massage

Are you looking for relief for your TMJ / TMD symptoms (e.g. ear, jaw pain, headaches, clenching) and would love a professional massage to your face muscles? We also massage all the related muscles inside your mouth and your neck for greater relief.

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Scientific Research on The Effects of Massage Therapy

Is massage only good for relexation or is the effectiveness of remedial massage scientifically proven for pain and other symptoms of certain medical conditions?

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Certified TriggerPoint Therapy | ToThePoint Massage

ToThePoint Massage specializes in trigger point massage therapy - a successful method for overcoming muscle pain.

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What are trigger points?

Trigger Points are better known as sore spots or muscle knots. They create more problems then you can imagine.

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Cupping Massage Therapy | ToThePoint Massage

Is cupping therapy something that might help to improve your wellbeing? At ToThePoint Massage, we use it to loosen up hardened, superficial soft tissues.

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Professional Remedial Sports Massage Therapy | ToThePoint Massage

Sports massage should be an important part of your life if you do a lot of sports. We hold a Diploma in Sports Massage.

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Massage for cancer patients in Adelaide | ToThePoint Massage

Oncology massage is a safe form of massage that is especially tailored to the needs of cancer patients as well as other critically ill people.

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Massage for Headaches and Migraines | ToThePoint Massage

Migraine headaches can have many causes. One cause that is often overlooked are trigger points in the muscles of the neck, shoulder, face or head.

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