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What are Trigger Points

There is a lack of general agreement among physicians and therapists as to how to define and diagnose trigger points. This is one of the reasons for the wide differences in the outcomes of studies measuring the effectiveness of their treatment.

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Types of Massage

Remedial Massage utilizes of a variety of massage styles or specific techniques to aid in recovery, rehabilitation and relief of soft tissue dysfunction. It sometimes incorporates exercises or stretches, both active and passive.

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Triggerpoint Therapy

Trigger Point Therapy is not just one among many forms of manual therapies which help to relieve your pain.

It is in fact possibly the best manual therapy for pain in that it directly addresses the root cause of about 75 percent of chronic undiagnosed pain, namely trigger points. Myofascial trigger point syndrome (MPS) continues to be one of the most commonly missed diagnoses.

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Trigger Points Latent

If you have already seen us at ToThePoint Massage, you will be aware that your muscles harbour an impressive number of sore spots, which are technically called trigger points.

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ToThePoint Massage Session

At the beginning of your very first session our massage therapist Barbara will ask you to fill out a detailed intake form, which will allow her to treat you professionally.

This is necessary in order to check your health status and to see whether you have a condition which could contraindicate massage, dry needling or cupping of a certain area of your body or even overall.

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ToThePoint Massage Prices
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ToThePoint Massage Online Booking

ToThePoint Massage is open 7 days a week and in the evenings to provide maximum opportunity to arrange an appointment around your schedule.

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ToThePoint Massage Directions
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