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Clients' Testimonials

What our clients say about our massage treatments

Without Barbara's help I don't think I would be able to do my job to the same degree. Being a dentist a sore back is an occupational hazard, having a massage with Barbara is one of the routines I use to let me perform my job for longer.

Barbara's commitment to doing whatever she can, to get the best outcome for her clients, is second to none. I have no hesitation in recommending Barbara's services.
Dr Nirej Rewal
I have been seeing Barbara for treatment on my shoulder. With her help my arm has become useful again.

When I first started seeing her I could hardly move my arm. I could not lift it without using my other hand to get it up.
My first session was so painful I thought I would not be able to carry on. How thankful I am that I kept going each week and did the homework that was set out. I now have normal function and have avoided surgery on my shoulder.

I am so grateful and happy that I was referred to Barbara. Thanks for giving me my zest back and the use of my arm.
K. Longford
Early in 2014 I was in a great deal of pain with my left hip and my doctor was of the belief I was in need of a new hip joint. I was sent for lots of scans ETC but was very unsure about surgery. Fortunately there was very little bone damage and the main problem was tissue damage.

I found Barbara during this time and she started trigger point massage concentrating on my left side.
I have to admit for some time I didn't think a lot was happening but I kept going for treatment regularly and did my homework treatment when told.

When I started seeing Barbara I could not sleep properly as I would wake up with the pain, I would limp everywhere and found any activity very painful. Now I have complete mobility back and don't notice any pain except perhaps when I over do things.
I can see that a full recovery is very close now and I feel years younger!

Thank you Barbara
S. Finney
I couldn't have continued working my IT job without Barbara. My forearm muscles were locked up to the point that I could not type without excruciating pain in my fingers, arms, shoulders, neck.

I have a pinched nerve in my neck and whilst I had a steroid injection into it reduce immediate inflammation as the pain was so severe, but it was Barbara who unlocked my arms and gave me so much relief that I could continue working.

I know I need to maintain good posture but for long term I must remove some sore muscle knots on my neck.

I have decided to see Barbara every week as her hands give me immense relief and gradually my neck is getting better, and my shoulders and my back, and I no longer have pain typing.

Barbara is very logical, practical and delivers results. An excellent therapist.
M. Omond
Barbara is very professional and knowledgeable. She has a way of knowing exactly where to apply the pressure to get the desired results.

I have been to several therapists in the past and left disappointed in their approach & hefty bill. I have one session with Barbara and feel a big difference straight away.

I have to say I do like very firm pressure and was pleasantly surprised that Barbara has a lot of strength.

Thank you Barbara
M. Rouse
Over the years, I have sought help from many professionals for my chronic pain. I could never get lastly relief. I found relief in Barbara’s treatments.

I can remember after only a few treatments, I wasn’t thinking only about my pain anymore. My pain was at a manageable level.

The relief I experienced was amazing. She has always been very understanding of my physical and emotional discomforts. I found her knowledge of muscles and body mechanics very reassuring.

I found comfort in the fact she has overcome her own pain through trigger point therapy. I know I am finally on the road to recovery.

Heather Valente
Several months ago I was experiencing lower back and right hip discomfort which was interfering with some activities and disturbing my sleep.

Having sought treatment from massage therapists and physiotherapists in the past with varied results, I searched the internet for a suitable treatment provider. I discovered Barbara's website which is detailed and informative and gave me the impression that she really knows what she is talking about.

I haven't been disappointed. I have been receiving treatment from Barbara for the past four months, initially fortnightly and now monthly, with excellent results. She has also treated my trigger finger complaint with some success.

I can highly recommend Barbara as a caring, knowledgeable and professional therapist committed to the well-being of her clients.
J. Wenzel
I initially found Barbara online, as I was looking for someone who knew something about TMJ syndrome (Barbara suffered from this sometime ago, and has since recovered from it).

I had incurred my injury about 10 months before, and the pain was gradually getting worse, to the point where I began to have shooting pain from my shoulder (where the trapezius muscle is) up to the back of my neck.
I found it difficult to sit still for any length of time, because my shoulder would drag down, and cause cramping, and this pain was starting to travel up my neck behind my ear, and I was starting to get a bit concerned as to where this was going to stop!

Right from the first session, the pain began to improve. The pressure technique that Barbara used to treat my problem, was obviously the answer to this situation. After the 1st session, the trapezius muscle ached for a couple of days, but then subsided, and for the rest of the week, felt immediately improved.

I scheduled in weekly sessions, and after each one, the pain lessened, to the degree that after probably a couple of months of sessions, I felt that I didn't need to have any more sessions.
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Barbara, and the advice that she gave me to treat this condition. She is, I believe, well informed, and certainly answered my prayer, because I was starting to become quite concerned as to how my pain was not at all subsiding!

Thank you so much Barbara
S. Bartlett
Having severe degenerative change in my spine which caused pain, soreness and frequent headaches, I decided I must get treatment quickly.

Looking up websites in respect of massage which I had very little experience of, I found myself reading most interesting information in respect of the treatment given by Barbara.

Booking an hour’s session with Barbara I found her very friendly and I quickly learned how she could give me relief from my aches and pains. Barbara explained in detail how my badly injured right knee was contributing to my spinal problem and I soon learned a lot about ‘referred ‘pain etc.

Trigger point treatment and massage has had remarkable results over fifteen months regular visits to Barbara, and I have experienced a high level of improvement in respect of my health problems.

At 88 years of age I feel Barbara has been an inspiration to me, she is very professional at all times but is always ready to encourage and explain things when needed. Her enthusiasm is endless.

I can recommend Barbara and her work as a massage therapist with the greatest of confidence, I am a very grateful client.

Doug Eades
I have suffered chronic back, sciatica, and neck pain for many years, after an accident where I landed on my coccyx.

I understand how the rest of the body compensates for an injury, and how muscles tense and contract to protect vulnerable areas. Sitting for hours at a computer during peak busy periods, for me, sometimes brings pain to almost intolerable levels and tempts me to use pharmaceutical relief.

Barbara has taught me ways of living without this dependence. She has helped me more than any other physiotherapist, treatment, or masseuse.

Her careful attention to my personal history, and knowledge of the relationship of each muscle to other parts of the body is amazing!

Barbara has read and studied extensively. Because she has explored her own body’s pain and response to treatment, she is able to treat others sensitively and teach them to help themselves.

I highly recommend her for anyone with chronic pain.
K. Wells
I came to Barbara with VERY painful (trigger points) in the hips.

She was very knowledgeable and helpful in giving me deep tissue massage which gradually eased the pain and discomfort I was having. She also suggested self treatment at home which helped towards my recovery.
I am now nearly pain free and can successfully manage my condition at home with her advice.

Barbara is a very caring and concerned therapist and I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who is suffering pain.
I have seen Barbara a number of times over the years for a variety of different muscle problems. I always have every confidence that she will sort me out and my confidence has not been misplaced.

I have recommended her to a number of my friends and acquaintances and have even purchased a gift certificate for a friend who would not have wanted to spend money on himself in spite of his needs because I judged Barbara would do him the world of good.
J. Musry
Hi Barbara

I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your massage therapy.

Your talent for locating the exact points for treatment never ceases to amaze me, and I always leave with a much higher positive state of overall wellbeing.

Thank you so much!
P. Smith
It is with gratitude and pleasure that I write on behalf of my grandson, daughter, husband and myself of the professional and personal care that Barbara has awarded to our family.

She has applied her excellent technique in massage according to each individual need with resounding success and the result of pain relief, improved health and mobility.

I have always had massages over the past 20 years and was very satisfied but having found Barbara and seeing her for almost a year , I am amazed at the difference and improvement that my body feels. Her trigger point massage technique and advice which I have followed has greatly helped my family’s well-being.

At 65 years of age I am indebted to Barbara and her profession and especially for the care of my 10 year old grandson whom she helped to overcome his postural health issues naturally.

Forever grateful,
K. Schrader
Barbara is very professional and her massages have defiantly helped my long term lower back pain.

It is a completely different massage to what I have been previously experienced but I feel it has been of great benefit.
S. Gall
Barbara is a fantastic massage therapist! I have had neck and shoulder pain on and off for years, now with regular massage sessions with Barbara I no longer have pain.

Thank you,
T. Fuller
Always 5 stars! Thank you, Barbara. You are simply the best massage therapist I've experienced!
S. Strange
Very strong and To The Point Massage!

Got in all the spots and I instantly felt results especially in my lower back. Coming back next week and I cannot wait. Thank you!
A. Thoma
Barbara helped me overcome my sports related injuries to my lower back and shoulder. Her treatments helped to relieve me of my lower back pain from the first session and allow for greater movement in my shoulder.

I highly recommend Barbara to anyone suffering muscle tightness or joint movement pain. I found Barbara to be knowledgeable and professional and excellent at identifying problem areas.
R. Wood
Barbara knows her stuff. You are in very good hands.
J. Atkinson
Barbara has worked on and with me over the last 18 months which has improved my posture and health.

I am very happy with the work that Barbara has done and importantly the work that she has empowered me to do through her caring manner. She always provides an individually tailored massage for my needs.

I confidently recommend her to everybody who is looking for an insightful massage therapist.
G. Schliebs