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Why every Sports Person needs Regular Sports Massage

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Is active participation in sports activities an important part of your lifestyle? Are you feeling the increased demand on your muscles from sports and training? Looking for relief from tired, overused or stiff muscles?

Are your shoulder muscles hurting from playing tennis, badminton, golf or swimming too much? Are your legs aching after long hours of running or playing football?

ToThePoint Massage offers specialized sports massage therapy that can help you play harder and perform better, whilst simultaneously avoiding injury and muscle dysfunction.

Why you should become more aware of the needs of your muscles

Usually, the one or two sporting activities which we most love are the ones on which we concentrate our efforts. These often involve repetitive strain or stress on the same muscles, whether from kicking a soccer ball, jumping to take a mark, or even thrusting with an epée!

We tend not to think about our muscles during sports because we are caught up in enjoying what we are doing and concentrating on technique and performance. But, whether we are aware of it or not, cumulative stress and waste products build up in the muscle tissue.

Only over time do we realize that our body feels more tense, stiff and achy – leaving us to wonder whether we have finally overdone it.

It is not only in formal sport that muscle overuse and abuse can begin to take its toll. Sweating it out in the gym, jogging, even home-exercise programs do create increased muscle stress and tension for which sports massage is an ideal therapy.

Female golf player needs sports massage

Sports massage is important for all sports people

Most professional athletes get regular massages to stay competitive and to avoid injuries. They are well aware of their muscles because everything depends on their strength and endurance.

The more tense our muscles become, the more our joints are restricted. Our body becomes more and more inflexible, restricting our movements and dramatically increasing the likelihood of an injury.

Massage can address these issues before they manifest as major problems down the track.

Your body needs regular maintenance by sports massage

If you want to continue enjoying sport without pain or injury, your muscles need regular maintenance. Just as a car cannot operate problem free without regular check-ups and maintenance work, nor can our muscles.

Sports massage assists on the rehabilitation from pain and tension in your muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissue.

In order to maintain muscle function and unrestricted movement while coping with the demands of sports and an active lifestyle, massage is the ideal form of regular maintenance for athletes of all levels and all kinds.


Woman is stretching her leg after sports

Do not wait until it is too late!!

Once you have had an injury to your muscles, it can not be undone. The problem will remain for the long-term, and patterns of compensation will spread the pain and dysfunction through more and more muscles. In the end, chronic problems can arise, effecting your whole body.

These same problems will continue to arise, even after surgical interventions. Sooner or later, it will come back to you in the form of increased pain and a dysfunctional body.

Do not wait until you have reached this point. We have met lots of clients who have deeply regretted that they did not act in time. By taking the simple step of regular sports massages, they could have kept their muscles fit and prevented injuries.

Stretching regularly is never enough, and is sometimes even counter-productive. You should not stretch muscles that are already overstretched or have muscles knots that tighten up even more while stretching.

Sports massage can stretch and engage tissues in a way that stretching cannot. Massage can stretch your muscles in any direction and treat all small areas “to the point”. Usually your pain or discomfort comes from small areas or only from a tiny knot called trigger point.

What if it is already too late ...?

man lying on ground after soccer injury
Soccer Injury

Massage is an indispensable tool to help overcome muscular injuries.

Even if you have suffered an injury already, massage can help with your pain or dysfunction. At ToThePoint Massage, we are trained to deal with sports injuries. Barbara holds a Diploma in Sports Injuries.

We use different techniques to release tightness, trigger points and adhesion in your muscles to increase local blood flow, enabling your body’s self-healing mechanisms.

We do not give you a general sports massage but one that is specifically tailored to the needs of your sport, your muscles and your injuries.