Remedial Massage with a Difference
Muscle Pain Therapy

ToThePoint Massage offers a therapeutic, remedial massage that aims to solve your individual problems.

We provide professional massage therapy for pain management, injury, recovery, mobility, and maintenance.

We work on your specific muscular or nerve aches and pains, limited range of motion, soreness, stiffness, and tightness, using different techniques like deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, dry needling and cupping depending on your preferences and needs.

Our experienced massage therapist, Barbara, uses her anatomical knowledge and sense of touch to direct her treatment to the soft tissues that need care the most. She has developed a problem orientated massage therapy that is unique to her.

This means that you won’t get a 'cookie cutter' experience or a standard massage routine.

At the first session we sit down with every new client for an in-depth assessment to find out as much as possible to solve his / her problem as quickly as possible. Having said this, chronic problems that have been present for years or decades, often unnoticed, simply need time to improve.

Our idea is to work together with you so that every session is as beneficial for you as possible. Always remember that you live in your body. Your therapist cannot feel your pain or the changes in your body during or after the treatment and needs your feedback. Everybody is unique and also has his / her own pain tolerance.

Offering a remedial massage therapy tailored to your health needs also means that our therapist concentrates on those soft tissues that are sore or tight and those that might be the cause of your pain or dysfunction.

We always strive for long lasting results and not just short term relief looking at the symptoms.

Therapeutic massageRemedial massage for upper shoulder pain

What is Remedial Massage?

Much more than just feeling good!

The most comprehensive definition comes from Medibank Private stating that remedial massage is the assessment and treatment of soft tissue to stimulate self-healing after injury.

The desired outcome is, whenever possible, to return to a pain free and well-functioning balance of the musculoskeletal system.

Why Everybody needs Remedial Massage

Has it ever occurred to you that your pain or other discomforts could come from your muscles?

Woman feels for sore spotsTrigger points on top of

Some of you might be aware of the extent of tension that is harbored in your muscles.

When you touch your skin with a little bit of pressure you may notice that it feels hard underneath. It might even hurt when you press into a muscle.

However, most people are not aware of their muscles except when they don't do what they want them to do or when they feel sore after overuse, usually from some sort of strain during exercise or repetitive movements. It is no wonder that we often unwittingly misuse our muscles.

Most people know that they should exercise more to strengthen their muscles, but apart from that they know very little about their muscular system.

Why Muscle Health is important

Muscular man

The skeletal muscles make up a large part of your body mass (about 42% in men and 36% in women) and are therefore very important for overall wellbeing.

Life's demands and pressures affect our muscular system in multiple ways.

Listed below are a few examples of this:

  • We may do work which necessitates that we sit or stand for long periods.

  • We may have to perform repetitive movements while working.

  • We may feel stressed, depressed or anxious, and consequently tense our muscles under the burdens of everyday life.

  • Sometimes playing a sport or musical instrument stresses and overloads specific muscles.

  • We could have had a fall or an accident, even decades earlier, which damaged muscle tissue and still causes pain today.

  • Often one side of the body is more tense than the other, and consequently the stronger side has to compensate for the weaker one. Soon it gets overworked, as well.

These heavy demands and harmful habits can create huge burdens on your muscular system. And as you know, muscle pain can spoil your life, making it more difficult than it needs to be.

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You can't necessarily change your life's circumstances, but you can take action against unwanted and persistent pain.

A professionally executed remedial massage deeply relaxes your muscles and entire nervous system.
This often results in the lessening of pain, which in turn helps you to sleep and feel better. The overall benefit will be that you cope better with your demanding job/ life once again.

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