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Remedial Massage with a Difference
Muscle Pain Therapy

ToThePoint Massage offers a therapeutic massage that aims to solve your individual problems.

We provide professional massage therapy for pain management, injury, recovery, mobility, and maintenance.

We work on your specific muscular or nerve aches and pains, limited range of motion, soreness, stiffness, and tightness, using different remedial techniques like deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, dry needling and cupping depending on your preferences and needs.

Our experienced therapist, Barbara, uses her anatomical knowledge and sense of touch to direct her treatment to the soft tissues that need care the most. She has developed a problem orientated massage therapy that is unique to her.

This means that you won’t get a 'cookie cutter' experience or a standard massage routine.

At the first session we sit down with every new client for an in-depth assessment to find out as much as possible to solve his / her problem as quickly as possible. Having said this, chronic problems that have been present for years or decades, often unnoticed, simply need time to improve.

Our idea is to work together with you so that every session is as beneficial for you as possible. Always remember that you live in your body. Your therapist cannot feel your pain or the changes in your body during or after the treatment and needs your feedback. Everybody is unique and also has his / her own pain tolerance.

Offering a therapy tailored to your health needs also means that our therapist concentrates on those soft tissues that are sore or tight and those that might be the cause of your pain or dysfunction.

We always strive for long lasting results and not just short term relief looking at the symptoms.

What our clients say: "I am so glad I found you." -- "That was the best massage I’ve ever had." -- "You seem to have an extensive knowledge of muscles." -- "You’re able to maintain good pressure until the end of the massage." -- "I already felt better after a few minutes." -- "My pulled back muscle stopped hurting the next morning after your treatment and hasn’t caused any pain since then." -- "I’ve had regular massages for the last thirty years. I only met three good therapists during these years. You’re one of them!" -- "I had to become 86 to experience how good massage is!" 
Man lying on stomach and getting a remedial trigger point massage
Treatment for upper shoulder pain

What is Remedial Massage?

Much more than just feeling good!

The most comprehensive definition comes from Medibank Private stating that remedial massage is the assessment and treatment of soft tissue to stimulate self-healing after injury.

The desired outcome is, whenever possible, to return to a pain free and well-functioning balance of the musculoskeletal system.

Why Everybody needs Therapeutic Massage

Woman is looking at her shoulder trigger points and touches them

Has it ever occurred to you that your pain or other discomforts could come from your muscles?

Some of you might be aware of the extent of tension that is harbored in your muscles.

When you touch your skin with a little bit of pressure you may notice that it feels hard underneath. It might even hurt when you press into a muscle.

However, most people are not aware of their muscles except when they don't do what they want them to do or when they feel sore after overuse, usually from some sort of strain during exercise or repetitive movements. It is no wonder that we often unwittingly misuse our muscles.

Most people know that they should exercise more to strengthen their muscles, but apart from that they know very little about their muscular system.

Why Muscle Health is important

muscles of a man

The skeletal muscles make up a large part of your body mass (about 42% in men and 36% in women) and are therefore very important for overall wellbeing.

Life's demands and pressures affect our muscular system in multiple ways. Listed below are a few examples of this:

  • We may do work which necessitates that we sit or stand for long periods.

  • We may have to perform repetitive movements while working.

  • We may feel stressed, depressed or anxious, and consequently tense our muscles under the burdens of everyday life.

  • Sometimes playing a sport or musical instrument stresses and overloads specific muscles.

  • We could have had a fall or an accident, even decades earlier, which damaged muscle tissue and still causes pain today.

  • Often one side of the body is more tense than the other, and consequently the stronger side has to compensate for the weaker one. Soon it gets overworked, as well.

These heavy demands and harmful habits can create huge burdens on your muscular system. And as you know, muscle pain can spoil your life, making it more difficult than it needs to be.

street sign for balance and burn out

You can't necessarily change your life's circumstances, but you can take action against unwanted and persistent pain.

A professionally executed remedial massage deeply relaxes your muscles and entire nervous system. This often results in the lessening of pain, which in turn helps you to sleep and feel better.

The overall benefit will be that you cope better with your demanding job/ life once again.

Our Therapeutic Massage Services

Trigger point massage to the back


therapeutic tummy massage


Neck massage to a boy


therapeutic shoulder massage


Massage of the right thigh and calf


therapeutic hand and arm massage

Arm & Hand

Woman with migraine


Woman feeling pain in her face

TMJ & Facial Pain

therapeutic massage conditions

Google Reviews

  • I have been seeing Barbara for about 3 years consistently on a weekly basis for my bad back caused by a work injury and a pinched nerve in my neck. I had been struggling with physios and other massage therapists for a long time until I started seeing Barbara, she has tailored a specific massage routine to my needs through feedback and consultation with me in specific areas where I feel pain and discomfort and it has been amazing to actually have someone work with me in treating my problem areas.

    Barbara is very professional, knowledgeable and has the skills to find areas of pain I didn't even realise were sore. Her extensive knowledge of trigger points, with how one muscle can affect other areas combined with her massage technique has really improved my quality of life. Thank you for your continued treatment and I am so glad I finally found you.

  • Barbara was recommended to me by my boyfriend for my chronic neck pain, as I had been to so many massage therapists before without much help I was skeptical (and she was also quite far). He offered to buy me a session and I was immediately impressed by Barbaras knowledge and technique. I leave each session way better than I went in which is a rarity for me with the severity of my chronic pain.

    Barbara is not just a massage therapist, I would consider her an expert in pain. She is constantly exploring and taking in to consideration my unique circumstances (spinal fusion followed by car crash, migraines (which have ceased under her care) and others). Each session Barbara listens to whatever is going on and tailors my session to that issue whilst keeping on top of on-going issues. I would not hesitate to recommend Barbara especially to those who like me have tried many different body specialists and have unique bodies.

  • In the years that I have been seeing Barbara she has been the most effective massage therapist, which has helped me to achieve a better quality of life. Barbara has given me caring and precise treatment using a combination of trigger point therapy, remedial massage, and dry needling for those hard to reach painful areas.

    This multi-pronged approach has given me great results with longer periods of time pain free.

    Barbara is professional and proficient and I always feel she aims to make my life better through her treatment, of which I am very thankful.

  • The treatment I have received from Barbara has helped me immensely. I first started seeing her with multiple issues and she has patiently and professionally worked on each one with a thorough and meticulous focus.

    I highly recommend her massage therapy - I have also never encountered a practitioner with such a detailed knowledge of anatomy that she is willing to share with clients to help them further understand both what she is doing and what the issue is so injuries/issues can be avoided in future!

  • Highly recommended, professional, and effective massage therapy.
    Many years ago I first saw Barbara for remedial massage for a shoulder issue, and her deep tissue massage was amazing! Have just started coming back to relieve long-standing muscular tension as a result of dance and life. :)

    Outstanding massage, looking forward to becoming a regular. Thanks Barbara!

  • I am a long time customer of Barbara. She is highly skilled and very professional. I have been seeing her to fix my back pain and tennis elbow and I definitely get more improvements after each visit.

    I highly recommend you to come see her for great massage to relieve your muscle pain.


    I have been receiving treatments from Barbara for 3 years for various injuries, aches and pains etc Barbara has a amazing skill set and in a 1hour session she works incredibly hard and always gets good results.
    I have no hesitation recommending her.


  • Barbara has helped me get over several nagging long term injuries and made training everyday pain free.
    She provides a very professional and knowledgeable service. I would recommend her highly to anyone experiencing muscle pain. I have been very happy with the results I have gotten from her therapy.

  • Barbara's skill as a remedial massage therapist is second to none.

    Every treatment is different depending on what my body requires, and her attention to results - as opposed to merely a great massage experience - has made her a regular part of my health routine.


    Barbarra is brilliant! Her acupressure technique is perfect for my trigger point pains. Amazing dry needling skills too. I’m moving better than I have done in years. Highly recommend.

  • After many months of going to physio, osteo, as well as a steroid injection - all with little benefit of not relieving the pain from a shoulder injury. I was delighted to find Barbara. At our first session she reassured me that her technique will work, and it did indeed.

    Barbara has such precision in locating the exact muscles and tendons deep down and her treatment caused intense relief and healing. I have recommended her to so many people.

  • My experience with Barbara has been fantastic! I have had debilitating headaches and migraines for years and Barbara has been the only therapist to move me forward and bring quality back to my life.

    She has intuitive approach and can pinpoint issues quickly and efficiently.

    Thank you for all of your assistance.

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