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What clients liked about our treatment:  "Professional and caring manner, coupled with effective massage treatment"..........   "It was just the right amount of pressure used".........  "Barbara's extensive understanding of the muscles and ability to find exactly where the soreness is"........."Barbara is very experienced and motivated, explaining each procedure in detail.  She is at all times respectful and professional"......... "I appreciated the way Barbara provided me with the education necessary to help manage my condition independently."......... "I liked that Barbara was trying to treat the cause"......... "the atmosphere was relaxing, the massage professional".........
Remedial Massage to the shoulder and neck area

There are so many different styles of massage that it’s difficult to know which is best for you.

Amongst massage practitioners there is a great deal of variance in methodology. This causes much confusion.

We have listed some well known massage styles and shed some light on these different modalities here.

ToThePoint Therapeutic Massage

At ToThePoint Massage our approach is treatment-based rather than modality-based.

We like to call our remedial massage simply “therapeutic massage” because it always aims to improve your health and wellbeing and bring relief to your pain, aches and dysfunction.

A good massage is more than just an indulgence. It is a health treatment which enables your body to heal itself.

Our massage therapist, Barbara, is able to feel the condition of your muscles, which ones are tense, and which are hardened or have painful knots.

She combines this sensory experience with your complaints and her extended professional knowledge. In this way, she is able to direct her massage to the areas of your body which need treatment the most.

She uses consistent deep pressure to treat your muscles and asks for  feedback during the massage to adjust her pressure to your liking.

Choosing treatment length

We recommend a minimum of one hour for your first session. For more information about what to expect follow this link.

Please remember that one hour allows only adequate time for discussing your intake form and work on a specific area. For a more comprehensive massage additional time will be needed.

It is your decision which parts you want to have massaged: feet, legs, "gluts", back, shoulders, arms, neck, chest, abdomen - the more body parts, the longer the session. E.g. to massage all the areas listed above, a 1.5 hour session is needed.

If you only want your calves, feet or arms massaged, it won’t take longer than 30 minutes.

Additional considerations when choosing the length of your session:

  • If you want Barbara to concentrate on specific areas which cause you problems she will treat these thoroughly, muscle by muscle. For this kind of treatment you need to allow sufficient time.

  • Barbara also takes into consideration that muscle pain is often referred pain.
    This means, for example, that the cause of a painful neck is often found in the shoulder muscles, the cause of a tension headache is often in the neck muscles, and in 50% of lower back pain the cause is often in the deep stomach muscles.

    If Barbara discerns there is referred pain, additional muscles may need attention and this will extend your session length.