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Styles of Massage

Below you will find some common styles explained:

  • Remedial Massage utilizes of a variety of massage styles or specific techniques to aid in recovery, rehabilitation and relief of soft tissue dysfunction. It sometimes incorporates exercises or stretches, both active and passive.

  • Sports Massage: The aim here is to help the body to cope with the demands of athletic performance. Sports massage can prepare the muscle to cope better during exertion, if done beforehand.
    It both reduces the likelihood of injuries as well as treating them.

    If this massage is done after sporting activity, it can reduce pain, speed recovery and restore mobility. In general, it lengthens one's athletic career.

    Not only sportspeople benefit from this kind of deep-pressure massage. It is used by massage therapists to loosen up muscles generally. Therefore it is also called “Deep Tissue Massage” .
  • Shiatsu (meaning "finger pressure") is a Japanese form of massage. In this style of massage the fingers are used to apply pressure to certain energy points in order to bring the flow of energy back into balance and thereby relax the whole body. Shiatsu can be done through clothing because no oil or balm is used.

  • Trigger Point Therapy is used to treat sore spots in muscles. This is usually done in conjunction with Deep Tissue Massage by applying prolonged pressure to these spots in order to loosen them up.

  • Relaxation Massage: The aim of this massage style is to de-stress the body without using too much pressure and thereby bring deep relaxation. Swedish Massage is the best-known massage in this category.