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Benefits of Therapeutic Massage

Woman with back pain

Do you feel older every passing year?

Can you recall those years as a young adult when you had lots of energy and didn’t have any aches and pains, and when moving wasn’t a problem and you did everything with youthful vigour?

Are you tired of feeling older than you are?

Don’t settle for second best when it comes to your life.

Regular Massage means you won't feel your Age as fast as your Peers

Therapeutic / remedial massage therapy is not a ‘feel-good’ luxury item. On the contrary, it is something everyone should have regularly if he or she wants to stay fit and enjoy life longer.

Even young people have muscular problems nowadays as a result of sitting too much and moving too little – and when they do move, they often do so by overworking their muscles in sports.

Neither overuse nor underuse of our muscles is good.

Whether you are old or young, there are many health benefits to massage therapy you should know about.

Therapeutic Massage can help you

  • when you have muscular aches or pains 1

    Your skeletal muscles make up the largest single organ of the human body. Yet, in spite of this, the medical establishment seldom recognizes that muscles can be a major source of pain. 2

    This may be why you haven’t considered that your muscular system might be the cause of your pain, despite the fact that muscular pain can be so severe that you might not be able to stand or move any more.

    And although this type of pain is usually not life-threatening, it can nevertheless ruin your quality of life, especially when it becomes chronic.
Man walking with a cane
  • when you feel inflexible and stiff, or have problems moving

    Stiffness is often attributed to joints, but you need to remember that your joints are held in place and moved by your muscles. You will probably only notice that your muscles are not working properly when they begin to feel sore or stiff.

    You might not have noticed that they have been slowly stiffening more and more over the years. And as they have stiffened, they have become progressively shorter.

    Every year they are pulling more on your tendons and joints, until eventually some of the muscles in your lower body simply can’t do their job and you are forced to use a walking stick or frame

    The same is true for other parts of your body. You might be unable to bend down, lift your arms overhead or use your fingers properly any more. 3
  • when you’re prone to injuries

    Hardened and shortened muscles and tendons make your body dysfunctional and constantly pull on your joints. As long as muscles aren’t loosened up, this can’t change.

    Therapeutic massage can help your body to achieve this change.
  • when you have a bad posture

    Your posture is determined by, among others, the state of your postural muscles. Depending on which of these muscles are tight, short or stiff, your body leans forwards, backwards or sidewards.

    This distorted posture can’t be corrected by simply standing straight. As soon as you start relaxing, you automatically switch back to your bad posture.

    You can strengthen some of your muscles by exercise, but the underlying primary problem will still continue to exit.

    Over time the ongoing pull of tense, shortened muscles will lead to progressively worsening muscular problems, as more and more muscles try to compensate and keep your body functioning. This leads to increased muscular pain (e.g. low back pain, shoulder pain) and stiffness.

    As many muscles have to work together to ensure an upright posture, therapeutic massage is the best treatment for such distortions. Our massage sessions aim to treat all compromised muscles together to encourage a healthier body posture over time
Builder with back pain from hard work
  • when your job is ruining your body

    In many jobs we are forced to spend a long time in the same position. This might be while we type on a keyboard, hold a steering wheel or stand behind a counter.
    In other jobs we may have to lift heavy things too many times, or strain our muscles by repeating the same movements all day long.

    In our free time it often doesn’t look much better when we slouch for long hours in front of the TV or computer.
    Our bad conscience regarding our muscles lessens when we pursue a sport or go to the gym regularly. But even there they often don’t get what they need, which is well-balanced movement.

    Besides influencing your posture negatively, our work and leisure habits often result in tight and painful muscles.
  • when you feel stressed

    Most people experience stressful times in their lives, and with some stress is always present.

    Therapeutic massage relaxes in many ways – regardless whether your problems are physically or psychologically based. It raises your levels of energy and leads to an enhanced feeling of well-being.
  • when you have problems with sleep

    It is common knowledge that stress is also a major cause of sleeplessness, and everybody knows that pain keeps you awake as well. But not many people know that stiff muscles can prevent you from sleeping all night long.

    You might have wondered why you suddenly wake up at night for no obvious reason. This could be the brought about by some of your muscles having become so tight that you simply can’t relax them any more, even when asleep.

    If this is the case, you will probably find that you're either not able to find a comfortable enough sleeping position in order to get to sleep or not able to maintain a comfortable sleeping position long enough to fall into a deep relaxing sleep4.

When you come to see us at ToThePoint Massage, we will investigate and find out if you have muscular problems you might not even be aware of.

We provide remedial massage therapy that will help you to move more, have fewer muscular aches and pains, sleep better, feel less stressed and tired and have more energy to do all the things you love to and need to do.

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