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Massage Treatment for General or Sports Injuries and Post-Surgery Care

Rehabilitation after an injury or an operation is often a long and tiring process.

If you have sustained a sports, surgical or general injury to a muscle, tendon, ligament, joint or bursa, remedial massage provides an important therapeutic addition to other treatments.

Goals of injury treatment at ToThePoint Massage

Sports Injury to the leg while running

At ToThePoint Massage, we specialize in sports and general muscular injuries of all kinds. Barbara holds both a Diploma in Sports Injuries and is trained in Decongestive Lymphatic Therapy.

Our aim when treating injuries is not only to support your body's  recovery, but also to stop a vicious cycle of compensatory reactions further down the track.

If you do not look after your (sports) injury as soon as possible, your body has to find ways to work around the injury and compensate by redistributing the strain to non-injured areas. Ignoring your problems usually leads to more widespread, chronic problems which inevitably take longer to treat.

If you are taking pain killers we want to help you get off them as soon as possible. Pain killers, especially opioids, and anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) can cause serious side effects and can also damage your liver and kidneys if overused.

Effects of Remedial Massage Therapy

By massaging the muscles, tendons, and ligaments around an injured area, blood flow is stimulated. This increase in blood supply accelerates the entire recovery process, helping with the formation of new tissue and reducing painful scar tissue.

It is always advisable to start massage therapy very early to reduce the chances of poor healing or future complications.

Man with a surgical collar

Post-injury and post-surgery
remedial massage also encourages natural lymphatic drainage, which carries waste products away from the tissues back toward the heart.

The sum of these collective processes ultimately leads to a speedier relief of discomfort and to a more comprehensive recovery for the whole body.

Every injury can negatively affect some muscles in your body. When you have a whiplash, for example, your neck muscles suffer. When you break a bone the attached tendons and muscles are affected.

Your body often compensates by employing the non-injured muscles of the opposite side. When this happens, overload occurs.

Even wearing braces, slings etc. can lead to muscular pain, imbalance, and stiffness.

Injury Prevention is better than Cure

Once you have had an injury it can never be undone, and sooner or later in your life you will feel the consequences either in the injured area or another part of your body.

Therefore, we advise continuing massage therapy for some weeks or months after an injury in order to prevent re-injury.

Regular sports massage sessions can help to anticipate and guard against preventable injuries before they occur.

Portrait Of Disabled Man Standing In Hospital

Differentiation between acute and chronic sports injuries

Acute sports injuries

Acute sports injuries usually come from a direct impact to your body incurred while taking part in sporting activities.

This usually occurs in the form of a collision with another person, or with some item of sporting equipment.

An acute injury can also happen when a structure of your body is suddenly overstretched or compressed, as happens in the case of falling during a game or the impact of lifting too heavy a weight.

Chronic sports injuries


Chronic sport injuries are often so-called "overuse injuries".
Overuse injuries
have two possible causes:

- The problem can lie outside your body which means the injury is caused by unsuitable or wrongly used equipment, incorrect or poor shoes or training surfaces.

- The cause can also come from inside your body. For example, you can have a poor posture, structural imbalances (leg length differences), muscular imbalances, weak or inflexible bodily structures or old injuries.

Important Information

Massage therapists do not diagnose injuries or any other medical condition. Please see your physiotherapist or general practitioner if you need a diagnosis.