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Far Infrared Sauna (FIR)

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We offer far infrared sauna sessions in our clinic with bookings available for 30 minutes and for experienced sauna visitors 60 minutes.

If you have not been to our clinic before your first sauna session can only be booked in conjunction with a massage of at least 30 minutes. After your first visit you will have the opportunity to book a sauna session on its own or buy a package.

What are the benefits of using a sauna?

In general, saunas are popular for

  • relieving chronic pain,
  • decreasing muscle tightness and general aches and pains,
  • improving circulation and sleep,
  • inducing sweating,
  • detoxing,
  • raising the body temperature,
  • decreasing stress,
  • unwinding and relaxing the whole body.

Different kinds of heat treatments have been used to help heal the body in many cultures for hundreds of years. In America, Europe and China hot air baths and sweat lodges were very popular.

What conditions benefit from far-infrared sauna?

Although research is ongoing to determine the long term effects of infrared sauna, at present they are considered to be safe and powerful to our health.

The positive effects are caused by the type of electromagnetic waves that are generated rather than induced sweating. Unlike other types of saunas, infrared lamp saunas are designed to deeply heat the body from the inside in a natural way 1.

Research has already shown that infrared saunas are widely applicable for healing many inflammatory disorders. In addition, there are studies that prove that they are a good way to:

  • prevent high blood pressure and improve heart health2,
  • help people with arrhythmia and those who suffer from chronic heart failure3,
  • lower chronic pain (including rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis),
  • reduce stiffness and fatigue4,
  • improve quality of life in people with type II diabetes5,
  • and lift someone’s mood and well-being 6.

FIR at ToThePoint Massage

ToThePoint Massage far infrared sauna from the inside
Far-Infrared Sauna at ToThePoint Massage

Although most people feel better and more relaxed after a sauna visit, and studies show that it is in general safe, there are some risks certain people need to be aware of.

Therefore, everybody who uses our sauna does so at their own risk. Please read our information and sign our waiver which you can download here. If you do not have the opportunity to print it out at home you can also sign it in our clinic.

You will be asked to accept that you waive and forgo any legal rights that you may otherwise have against ToThePoint Massage and Barbara Gropl, the owner.

Please do not book your appointment before having read and accepted the waiver. It is also important to note that you should never visit the sauna if you feel sick in any way.

Our sauna cabin has integrated loud speakers. You are welcome to bring your own music on a mobile device that can connect to our Bluetooth device.

Why our Sauna is special

  1. Complete 360 degree infrared body coverage

  2. Ultra Low EMF (electromagnetic fields)

  3. Zero volatile organic compounds (VOC)

  4. Designed to maximize infrared output

  5. Non-toxic interior

  6. LED Colour Light Therapy

  7. Adjustable Infrared Intensity Control Panel:     
  • 100% Full sauna sweating experience    
  • 75% Athletic stretching, Injury treatment  
  • 50% Elderly & health challenged individuals

Published studies:

[1] FIRs biological effects and medical applications 






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